Signs that tell you are way too stressed!


    New Delhi: Nowadays, stress has become a very common phenomenon of routine life. It is often caused by tiring jobs, unhealthy eating habits and pollution. Though it is normal for us to get worried and anxiety, but too much of it is not good as it can lead to some health problems.

    Here are some signs that tell you are way too stressed:


    If you are suffering from severe headache frequently, then you are taking too much stress. And it can be the cause of migraine headaches as well.

    Itchy skin

    Too much anxiety can lead to underlying skin conditions like eczema and dermatitis.

    Stomach ache

    Apart from headaches and insomnia, worried and anxiety can also cause stomach ache.


    Excessive anxiety can increase the inflammation which may lead to breakouts and acne.

    Bleeding gums

    You are at a higher risk of developing periodontal disease like bleeding gums, if you are too worried. It can also impair the immune system and allow the bacteria to invade your gums

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