Sonam Kapoor Reveals Tips And Tricks For Beautiful, Luscious Hair


Haircare and replenishment go hand in hand which we often tend to neglect. Your tresses need some tender love and care and that was the talking point of Sonam Kapoor’s latest Vanity Vignettes episode. Sonam Kapoor shared her favourite products and ways in which she takes care of her long, luscious mane. A combination of almond, coconut and Vitamin E oils together are used for “champi” on weekends in India to give her that natural shine. Sonam Kapoor admits she is obsessed with her hair smelling great and uses a hand loban with essential oils whose smoke provides a “romantic” fragrance which she loves. Another essential not just for Sonam Kapoor but should be for anyone who styles their hair often is heat protect products; Sonam Kapoor swears by Kerastase’s heat protect product that is great for colour treated hair.

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