Suffering from a cough? Avoid these foods to get relief from it!


    New Delhi: One usually suffer from a cough, whether it’s a dry cough or a wet one, when season changes and it can be so annoying at times. Though there are many foods which helps to get relieve from a cough, but there are also some foods which you should avoid while battling a cough.

    Here are some foods one must avoid when you have cough:

    Caffeinated beverages

    One should avoid caffeine beverages like tea and coffee, if you are suffering from a cough as it can dry out your throat and cause discomfort when you swallow.

    Fried foods

    Avoid fried foods when you are suffering froma cough as they are oily in nature and oil is a well-known cough trigger. Deep-frying foods also acts as an allergen that aggravates coughing and causes throat itching.

    Processed foods

    Do not consume processed foods as it can lower your immune system and suppress some of its protective functions. So, avoid foods like white pasta, white bread, chips and packaged snacks.


    Avoid drinking alcohol as it can weaken your immune system and dehydrate you making your cold even more miserable.

    Cold food items

    Avoid cold food items like ice-cream and cold drinks when you are suffering from a cough as it cause a drying out of the respiratory lining making it susceptible to infections and triggering coughing due to irritation.

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