Swine Flu Spreads Across: Here’s What You Must Keep in Mind


    There have been fresh reports of Swine flu spreading across different parts of the country. According to a PTI report, the deadly airborne disease has already claimed five lives in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The past few years have seen many getting infected and hundreds of people falling prey to the disease. The outbreak escalated to an extent that Rajasthan government declared it an epidemic in February, 2015 with highest ever reported cases (6,559) in the entire country. In 2015, a total of 33,761 cases were recorded in the country out of which 2,035 lost their lives. With fresh cases getting reported this year, it is only advisable to brush up your basics and exercise preventive measures to keep yourself from getting infected.

    – Swine flu is an airborne disease, which means you can get infected if the virus H1N1 is in the air around you.

    – Wearing a special N91 swine flu mask is important.

    – Wash your hands frequently and avoid getting in close contact with people at public areas.

    – Use a hand sanitizer whenever possible.

    – Always keep in mind that the virus spreads primarily through sneezing, coughing, touching and through the air.

    swine flu

    – The virus gets stronger during colder months of the year.

    – The infection is characterised by high fever, body pain, excessive weakness, cough and runny nose. Some patients may also experience headache, sore throat and pain in the eyes.

    – Infants, children and elderly are more susceptible to Swine flu, therefore extra care should be taken to prevent them from getting infected.

    – If you experience any of the above mentioned symptoms, rush to your nearest doctor immediately. Most deaths are the outcome of delayed treatment. You will be put on Oseltamivir TAMIFLU medication along with few other drugs. If the treatment commences on time, it usually takes 15-25 days to recover completely depending on the health, age and immunity of the infected.

    – Ensure that your immunity is strong; consume immunity boosting foods like lemon, amla, tulsi, et cetera to keep your immune system healthy and strong.

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