Tahira Kashyap suffers from Bottle Gourd Toxicity


Filmmaker Tahira Kashyap recently suffered from a rare condition called Bottle Gourd Toxicity due to which she was admitted to the ICU for two days. Tahira shared the symptoms that she experienced due to the conditions that were caused due to drinking bitter bottle gourd juice.

The writer-director took to her Instagram account and shared that the juice made her vomit several times bringing down her blood pressure to 17. The juice tasted better to her which in turn triggered the condition. She further warned her followers to not consumes raw fruit and vegetable juices in the name of heath as consequences can be ‘lethal’. ‘The doctor told me it’s like almost having Cyanide.” she said.

What is bottle gourd toxicity?

Health enthusiasts often consume bottle gourd also referred to as lauki, dudhi, ghia juice as it is considered the powerhouse of nutrients and is beneficial for patients suffering from diabetes, liver ailments, and hypertension. It also aids in weight loss.

However, in the last few years, physicians have had come across complaints that having bottle gourd juice leads to vomiting and gastrointestinal bleeding.

Why bottle gourd causes toxicity

Bottle gourd contains a toxic compound called cucurbitacins. It is therefore recommended to taste bitter gourd before extracting the juice for further consumption of cooking.

Symptoms of Bottle Gourd toxicity

Nausea, Vomiting, Abdominal pain, diarrhea, hematochezia, and hematemesis are some of the symptoms of bottle gourd toxicity. Bottle gourd poisoning can cause death if not rushed to the hospital at the right time.

Tahira, meanwhile, is doing alright now. She is currently directing her first feature film ‘Sharmaji Ki Beti’ starring Divya Dutta, Saiyami Kher and Sakshi Tanwar. The film backed by Ellipsis Entertainment and Applause Entertainment is a slice-of-life film about the experiences of modern women.

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