Tandem Careplanning Launches a New Model of Home Care in Los Angeles



LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Tandem Careplanning, a public benefit corporation led by experienced technology-based business leader Joshua Greer, introduces a new caregiving solution in the Greater Los Angeles area to help clients and caregivers obtain and manage in-home care relationships with full support throughout the process. Founded by Lisa and Joshua Greer as CaregiversDirect, Tandem Careplanning is the culmination of four years of research, testing, and working directly with clients and caregivers.

“We took a holistic look at the industry to pinpoint client and caregiver wants and needs. We then spent several years perfecting our platform,” said Mr. Greer. “Tandem Careplanning was purposefully built from the ground up to be a superior solution for home care, offering unlimited support, guidance, and empowerment to everyone, at every step of their unique journey.”

With decades of experience identifying new technologies and turning them into successful, impactful businesses, Mr. Greer has founded several companies and pioneered groundbreaking standards in multiple industries including: RealD, the industry-leading 3D technology company; Walden Media, an entertainment investor, distributor, and publishing company; and Digital Planet, an award-winning digital design studio.

With more than 24 percent of Californians over age 65 reporting a fair to poor health status, the Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates an unprecedented need for a robust home care workforce. Yet, meeting this demand and providing consistent, quality care is complex given the industry’s history of low pay and high turnover rates. Tandem Careplanning’s model improves these challenges by offering career support as well as fair compensation for caregiver time and expertise. The model focuses heavily on guiding clients to develop their own care plans that facilitate lasting and consistent support.

“As the average age of the population increases, it is imperative that we improve reliability and trust in the home care system. This means not only supporting the people who need care but also the professional caregivers on which the nation will become more and more dependent,” Mr. Greer stated. “We address these issues through transparent wages, rigorous vetting, free training, and 24-hour live support for both caregivers and clients to guarantee continuous, quality care.”

From our trusted community of caregivers, clients can meet and select the professionals that are the best fit for them. Caregivers offer a wide variety of long and short-term services including meal planning and preparation, medication reminders, bathing, errands and shopping, transportation, appointment accompaniment, transferring and mobility, light exercise, feeding assistance, dressing, grooming and hygiene, and companionship.

Tandem Careplanning is available throughout Greater Los Angeles. Speak to the Care Team at 1-800-370-3377 or learn more at www.tandemcareplanning.com.

About Tandem Careplanning

Tandem Careplanning is a public benefit corporation that helps clients and caregivers obtain and manage in-home care relationships with full support throughout the process. The company’s mission is to elevate the caregiving journey for clients and caregiving professionals to ensure in-home care is accessible, transparent, and continuous. Our full-service Tandem Care Team helps manage logistics, works with clients to help create their individualized care plans and provides 24-hour support based on specific needs. Should challenging situations arise, the Tandem Care Team can provide actionable advice and guidance. The company’s valuable community of professional caregivers set their own hourly wages after they are thoroughly vetted, ensuring long-lasting employment and ever-increasing quality of care. Tandem Careplanning is focused on building an industry-leading presence in Los Angeles County. For more information on how Tandem Careplanning fosters support for both caregivers and care seekers, please visit www.tandemcareplanning.com.


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