Teeth Straightening with Invisible Braces Launched in Mumbai


    Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

    We are pleased to announce the launch of Invisible Braces Mumbai. It is a revolutionary treatment for crooked and crowded teeth that need straightening / aligning.

    Traditionally beautiful smiles have been achieved by making veneers/crowns on teeth that involved heavy drilling and loss of natural tooth structure. Metal wires and brackets have been fixed to teeth for orthodontic straightening of teeth. That treatment can take up to 2 years and is not socially acceptable for most people.

    At Invisible Braces Mumbai we can straighten teeth in a short time (6 months in most cases) using clear aligners to give you the best life changing smile. Our service is customised to meet your needs. We offer a free orthodontic assessment and put in a lot of effort to plan your case thoroughly. You can visualise the process and the end result even before starting treatment. Treatment is safe and comfortable.

    We have a LAUNCH OFFER like never before: Rs. 50,000 discount for first 10 cases*. Book now for a free assessment to avail the offer.


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