The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare services?


Telemedicine has grown considerably since the advent of pandemic in India and is playing a major role in making healthcare accessible and affordable. It is playing a pivotal role in anticipating epidemics which is possible by studying the electronic medical records of the population and making a combined assessment of the health of the society. Information technology and telemedicine can be used to inform, influence and motivate individuals and population organizations on health, health-related issues and adoption of healthy lifestyles. It can be a very important tool for the evaluation and monitoring of healthcare services. These unprecedented times of a pandemic pose unique challenges in providing healthcare.

We have seen a very healthy adoption of telemedicine over the course of the last year. For us, it has proven to serve a valuable need to patients, especially in smaller cities and towns where access to quality doctors and timely care may be difficult, and we hear this from our patients consistently on a daily basis. At present, we do approximately 3 thousand consultations daily and are growing.

It is also encouraging that the Government has taken positive steps in formulating the telemedicine guidelines and developing training and certification programs for healthcare professionals. This will further help to mature the quality of care delivered through telemedicine and will lead to further patient adoption.

How has the pandemic affected your business?

The pandemic has probably accelerated the adoption of digital healthcare services by 4-5 years. For us, it has resulted in the rapid adoption of our services.

What promising advancements do you see in point-of-care treatments?

We see a lot of exciting developments in point-of-care treatments. In addition to the remote delivery of care discussed above, a lot of innovation is happening on the in-home patient diagnostic devices front and remote monitoring of patient vitals by doctors using cloud technology. From rapid self-testing diagnostic kits to palm-sized devices that can monitor all patient vitals and seamlessly connect with a doctor remotely via the cloud is something that will reshape a doctor’s capability to care for patients remotely and further evolve the adoption of digital healthcare.

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