Tingle Your Taste Buds With These Simple And Lip-Smacking Recipes Of Mango Chutney


    Summers are here and in full swing! While we find it difficult to step out in this blazing sun, there is a fruit that grows best in this heat, and I am sure you will agree that besides being the ‘king of fruits’ it also is the king of our hearts. Mangoes in India are grown in the agricultural season called zaid. This fruit requires three to six weeks to ripen along with a particular kind of soil and lots and lots of sun. We are sure you have had mangoes in all forms before; be it mango shakes, mango ice-creams, just plain simple mangoes, or the classic aamras  (mango cubes mashed or blended in cold milk or rabri). But, if you are a mango fan and can’t have enough, we have another quirky way to eat, appreciate, and hoard this amazing fruit: mango chutneys.

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    Mangoes in India are grown in the agricultural season called zaid

    Now, a word of caution here; this mango side dish might just leave your guests disinterested in your full six-course meal, solely as they would be more interested in the recipe of this easy-to-make chutney. So, don’t blame us later if your snacks go unnoticed and these chutneys steal the show.

    There are two variations of chutneys, which we would like you to try. Let’s first talk about the green mango chutney.

    To make green mango chutney you would need:

    • 2 sweet and sour mangoes
    • 100 grams of coriander leaves
    • 4 chilies
    • 3 cloves of garlic (we suggest fresh garlic, but you could also use garlic powder)
    • 10 grams of ginger/half a teaspoon ginger powder

    How To Make Green Mango Chutney

    1. Peel the mangoes, remove the seed, and add them to the grinder.
    2. Thoroughly wash your coriander leaves, remove the stems, and add to the grinder.
    3. Add chilies, garlic, and ginger to the grinder and grind them to paste.
    4. Add a little water to the chutney and then at last add salt and a sprinkle of sugar if the mangoes weren’t sweet to begin with.

    We are sure you are wondering if garlic and mangoes will taste good together, but the two flavours complement each other so perfectly, that you will start wondering why you have never paired them before. You can serve this green mango chutney with dahi kebabs, chicken seekh kebabs, or even use it to make mango bhelpuri or just let your guests savour it with a bag of chips and they will just fall in love with it. Please make sure that you do not use mangoes, which are too sour or too sweet but just the right amount of both the flavours.

    mango chutney

    How to make mango chutney: We are sure you are wondering if garlic and mangoes will taste good together

    The other variation of mango chutney is rather interesting in its own way. It is a melange of a variety of flavours in one go.

    To make the yellow mango chutney you would need:

    1. 2 sweet and sour mangoes in semi-pulp form
    2. 6 pods of cardamom
    3. 1 tablespoon of grated ginger
    4. 1/4 tablespoon of clove powder
    5. 1/4 tablespoon of cinnamon powder
    6. 1 and a half cups of sugar
    7. Half  tablespoon red chilli powder
    8. Half tablespoon cumin powder

    How To Make Yellow Mango Chutney

    1. Take about 1 cup water in a pan and add grated ginger, clove powder, cinnamon powder, and all 6 pods of cardamom to it.
    2. Let the mixture boil for about 2 minutes at a low flame till the time you are hit by wasps of fragrance of these spices.
    3. Now, gently add the mango pulp and add sugar and salt to taste to the mixture.
    4. Cook the mixture for another 15 to 20 minutes till the mixture turns thick and starts sticking to your spatula.
    5. Now, add vinegar to the mixture and stir it gently and turn-off the flame.
    6. Let your pan cool for about 5 minutes, and then add cumin powder and red chili powder to the chutney.
    7. Mix the chutney properly and let it cool for at least 30 minutes before you serve it.


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