Uttar Pradesh operationalises 342 oxygen plants amid third-wave warnings


Uttar Pradesh has operationalised 342 oxygen plants as the state government aims to ensure adequate availability of medical oxygen following reports of acute shortage during the April-May’s second Covid-19 wave.

The state had sanctioned the construction of 555 oxygen plants during the second Covid-19 wave. The government is working on a war-footing to operationalise the remaining plants ahead of a predicted third Covid-19 wave.

Uttar Pradesh operationalised six plants during the last two days. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath, while reviewing the state’s Covid-19 situation during a high-level meeting with senior officials, said establishing the remaining plants should be expedited.

The Uttar Pradesh government is shoring up medical resources and equipping hospitals in the state with adequate facilities to handle a third Covid-19 wave.

The government has made oxygen plants mandatory at hospitals with more than 50 beds. The chief minister has also directed officials to assess the situation and take any necessary action.

The state had 25 functional oxygen plants before the government decided to construct the additional plants to ensure sufficient medical oxygen. The Centre has also approved setting up of PSA medical oxygen plants and granted funds from PM Cares.

The state government is also monitoring the implementation of the plants considering the significant role liquid medical oxygen plays in the treatment of Covid-19.

Adityanath only recently admitted to the shortage of oxygen during the second wave. In April, the Uttar Pradesh chief minister had vehemently denied that there was any oxygen crisis at any of the state’s private or public hospitals.

He made the admission while speaking to doctors in Agra. Adityanath said the government did notice a shortage in medical oxygen supply during the second Covid-19 wave. He added resources usually fell short during a pandemic and said Covid-19 is the century’s largest pandemic.

However, Adityanath said the government also worked on a war footing to ensure supply of oxygen cylinders to every district.

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