Working at sweet factory proves ‘sour’ for woman, 36-year-old ‘boiled alive’ in caramel tank


    New Delhi: A 36-year-old woman from Russia was boiled alive after she fell into a caramel tank at a factory.

    Natalia Nemets, employed at the sweet factory in Stary Oskol, a town in Russia’s western Belgorod Oblast region was inside the tank and was cleaning it when the unfortunate incident took place.

    The mother-of-one was busy with cleaning when the tank suddenly got filled with molten caramel causing her to meet her untimely death.

    Before her colleagues could realise that something was wrong and save her, her legs were already poking out of the caramel in the tank.

    The caramel was removed from the giant bowl and only her body was taken out.

    Besides the fact that it was boiling caramel, in the bowl there are moving blades that constantly mix the caramel.

    This is the third death to have taken place this year at the factory in Stary Oskol, in the Belgorod region of Russia.

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