World Breastfeeding Week 2017: Busting Myths Around Breastfeeding


    World Health Organization (WHO) and the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) emphasize on breast feeding as beneficial for both mother and child. The first week of August is recognized as World Brest Feeding week. It is a natural act and needs patience and practice. Breastfeeding is protective against many illnesses like ear infections, respiratory ailments, allergies, intestinal disorders, viruses, diabetes, childhood cancers, arthritis, pneumonia and many more. Breast feeding is not a single woman’s issue but it is the collective social responsibility of all. Since it’s the breast feeding week we should discuss some common myths about breast feeding. On the second day of World Breastfeeding Week 2017, lets bust these myths.

    Giving the breast a nursing rest: Some people believe that giving the breast a rest may ensure more milk. However the fact is that the more you feed your baby the more milk you will produce. It is a general myth that maybe the over exertion on your breasts is the cause for their sagging. Whereas the gland which is responsible for producing more milk does not get affected by overuse.

    Breastfeeding will hurt: Breast feeding is not easy but that does not mean it is painful. Many people tend to believe that breast feeding will be painful, which is wrong. Only if the baby is not properly latched on to the mother’s breast, feedings can be painful. Initially it will be a little uncomfortable, but that is just because of the combined inexperience of the mother and the baby. With gradual time and enough experience the feeding will become a natural process for you.

    New mothers do not make milk: It is true that a new mother does not produce milk for four five days after giving birth. Mothers do make a thick and a concentrated liquid called colostrum which is enough for a new born baby. But after some time there is no issue in the production of milk and a new mother is capable enough to feed a baby. You will have to remain patient and not worry about your efficiency as a mother.

    Breastfeeding will make your breasts sag: Your breasts will never sag after breast feeding. Where as it is the number of pregnancies a woman has and not whether she breastfeeds causes breast to sag after a point of time. On the other hand breastfeeding is quite beneficial for a woman and has multitudes of benefits.

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